What is a cookie?

A cookie, also known as a web cookie or browser cookie, is a piece of data placed by your web browser onto your computer or handheld device, at the request of a website or another web browser you have visited.
It can contain numerous pieces of identification and browsing data stored in a file.

Cookies used on our website
Cookies are sent by France Galop websites with the aim of gathering information regarding your browsing activity.
The cookies sent by our websites are performance cookies and targeted advertising cookies.

1. Performance cookies:
Performance cookies enable us to gather information about the browsing activity of our website users: their most-visited pages, the equipment used (computer, mobile, browser), etc.
This information is used anonymously for statistical purposes and to help us to improve the global workings of our website (content layout, user ergonomics, etc.).

2. Targeted advertising cookies:
This type of cookie helps us to improve the management of our advertising campaigns, forming a link between our users’ interests for exterior adverts and the route they took to access our websites. Our advertising campaigns can also be adapted according to the user’s browsing activity on our websites.

Our websites also use audience analysis, which enables us to improve our users’ browsing conditions. The information gathered is generally basic, such as the language used.